Our story

Peach CEO Eddie Oistacher spent years building and scaling lending platforms for two top fintechs. In both cases, outsourced solutions were inadequate and outdated, forcing him to build loan servicing and loan management systems in-house.

With limited technical resources, many lenders find themselves in this same position, forced to build in-house systems or cobble together a disjointed patchwork of third-party solutions—with significant gaps in functionality.

We’re here to solve this problem. Our team of top technology, compliance, and security professionals has decades of experience at leading banks and fintechs, including Affirm, Earnest, Enova, Prosper and Silicon Valley Bank. We deliver a sleek, easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate, API-driven servicing platform, with innovative regtech compliance solutions.

Let us help you harness best-in-class technology to amplify your impact.