Loan Example
Loan Credit Card
Launch Innovative Credit Products
Our best-in-class loan management system enables you to launch innovative credit products quickly—and modify existing products easily. You can define and deploy new loan policies and behavior in just days.
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Customize Loan Behavior and Policies
Whether you offer lines of credit, installment loans or both, you’ll get over 100 variables for configuring loan behavior and policies. Variables include interest accrual and calculation methods, state by state interest rate caps, payment application waterfalls, late fees logic, loan modification policies, and more. All of it is based on a modern and scalable RESTful API-based architecture.
Simplify Servicing
Simplify Servicing for Borrowers
We ensure that borrowers can check their loan status at any moment, and we give them flexibility and control to help them pay off loans on time. For example, borrowers can set up autopay with a custom schedule that works best for their cash flow.
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Keep Your System
Keep Your System of Record If You Wish
We offer a stateless loan management system in case you’d like to keep ownership of your existing system of record and perform loan calculations on demand.
Keep Access
Keep Access to Your Data
We believe in transparency and access to data. You’ll have easy access to track each loan’s performance as of today or any time in the past. We support loan tape data exporting, so your capital markets investors can receive daily loan statuses.
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Portfolio Conversions Made Simple
Lenders and servicers usually steer clear of portfolio conversions—because there’s a lot that can go wrong. But we’ve managed to crack the code for providing a smooth transition for you and your customers.
  • Accessibility
    A Seamless Approach

    We’ve been on the front lines of leading fintechs, and so we understand the complexities of transitioning an existing loan portfolio to a new servicing and management platform.

  • Visibility
    Consistent Borrower Visibility

    Borrowers retain read-only access to all loan activity and regulatory disclosures rendered prior to conversion.

  • Code
    A Tailored Conversion Strategy

    We’ll craft an API-based conversion strategy that addresses your specific policies and satisfies all regulatory requirements.

  • History
    Intact Loan History

    Our proprietary Replay Technology preserves all historical loan activity while handling calculation of amortization and interest accruals on a go-forward basis.

Loan Management Modules
Loan Management Modules
Borrower Portal

A web-based, mobile-friendly application that gives borrowers access to their consumer or business credit accounts to manage their loans, including scheduling and making payments. The borrower portal is optimized for a wide variety of web browsers.

Ledger and Accounting

Full loan management capabilities, including onboarding of new loans, calculation of amortization and fee schedules, creation and management of loan modifications, payment due date changes, and charge-off tracking. You can track portfolio and account performance via a dashboard, direct database access or a data snapshot export.

Payment Processing

A system enabling borrowers to make payments through the borrower portal or by posting payments via API. We support payments via the automated clearing house (ACH) system, debit cards, credit cards and remotely created checks (RCCs), in line with applicable law and industry standards.