About us

Our mission is to improve lives by giving every lender the power to innovate

Our story

Over the past decade, established lenders have struggled to keep pace with fintechs. Why? The same technology that once powered their innovation became too rigid for the demands of the present day.

Change is only accelerating. In the future, lenders will need to adapt quickly—or face obsolescence. Peach’s lending platform is the first to be designed around an entirely new paradigm—the Adaptive Core™—tailored to lending’s adaptive future.

Built to support any asset class, featuring over 250 configuration variables and designed around modern user experience principles, Peach’s adaptive lending platform enables lenders to adapt both at launch and at scale—so they can always be ahead of the curve.

We built Peach because a world where every lender is an innovator isn’t just a good world for lenders—it’s a better world for everyone.


Guided by four core values

Build for everyone

There are many stakeholders in lending technology, from lenders and borrowers to capital markets and auditors. We aren’t building for just one of these audiences; we’re building the first lending technology platform that works great for all of them.

Think long-term

Our goal is to be a market-leading lending technology platform for decades to come. So we make decisions that set ourselves up for long-term success—prioritizing configurable and scalable products, deep and enduring partnerships, and a sustainable and inclusive team.

Be the expert

Our expertise in modern lending programs—and the fact that our products reflect it—set Peach apart. We embrace our role as domain experts at every level of the company, enabling us to be valued partners to our clients and to each other.

Lead with integrity

We tell the truth, we do the right thing, we follow through….and we’re honest about what we can’t do. A culture of honesty and trust is the foundation for our long-term success.


Backed by top VCs

With the backing of some of today’s leading investors, we’re creating an entirely new paradigm in lending technology—empowering lenders to continually iterate on existing lending products, even at scale, and to launch innovative lending programs with speed and flexibility.