Loan servicing tools

Servicing suite

Our fully integrated suite of proprietary loan servicing tools has you covered for everything you’ll need out of the gate—and at scale.

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Servicing modules to cover all your bases

Borrower Portal

The Peach Borrower Portal comes out of the box with a robust set of modern, self-service features—giving your borrowers more control and reducing customer service contacts.

Out-of-the-box ready
Sleek and fully white-label
Reduce customer service contacts

Self-service repayment

Borrowers get 24/7 access to their account, with tools and flexibility to manage repayments. For example, borrowers can set up autopay with a custom schedule that works best for their cash flow.


Digital-first, web-based and mobile-friendly, our Borrower Portal application is optimized for a wide variety of web browsers, ensuring your customers can self-service any time—under your own domain name.

Robust feature set

Borrowers can easily perform a wide range of account-related activity on their own, including making and scheduling payments, setting up autopay, customizing their payment plan, accessing statements, updating account information and more.


With Peach, you get a full suite of integrated customer relationship management (CRM) tools that enable agents to manage cases, interact with borrowers and track communications efficiently and securely—all within one web-based application.

Designed specifically for lending
Supports remote servicing
Can integrate with third-party CRMs

Agent-only view
Manage paymentsManage creditsIssue creditApply external checkReimburseUpdate credit limitManage advances

Fully integrated tools

Peach combines servicing, CRM and ticketing into one application—meaning agents don’t need to toggle between windows to execute tasks. This approach improves data consistency, resolution time, agent satisfaction and vendor costs. The Peach CRM knows which cases are open, updates information seamlessly between systems and automatically checks actions for compliance.

Configurable cases and workflows

Receive asset class-specific default cases, workflows and templates that are vetted by lending and compliance experts. Predefined workflow steps and communications templates come out of the box—ensuring consistent application of your policies and compliance with applicable bankruptcy laws. You’ll also get the flexibility to configure your own cases, workflows and templates as your lending program scales.


In the event of a natural disaster, pandemic or conflict, you can cluster impacted customers and generate corresponding cases, notes and do-not-interact rules in batch. We also support automatic monitoring of FEMA disasters.

Loan modifications

Agents can waive fees, issue credits, defer due dates, change or extend terms, create payment plans, reverse payments, backdate payments, and more. We support unique products and policies by geography.

Seamless collaboration

A single tool used by agents, supervisors, back office, and fraud and legal teams makes for seamless collaboration. Our CRM supports smart case matching, unlocking team ownership of tasks and cases and automatically distributing work by matching it to appropriately skilled agents. Easily configure roles and permissions based on your unique servicing policies.

Superior agent experience

Our CRM is designed to be as user-friendly as our borrower portal, enabling agents to be trained more quickly and to handle more cases in less time. The CRM is designed to give agents the same view as borrowers—just with augmented capabilities—simplifying communication and issue resolution, and enabling agents to guide borrowers toward self-service.

Remote servicing

Our CRM is cloud-hosted and browser-based, so agents need only a computer and an internet connection. From an information security perspective, we support multi-factor authentication, data encryption, role-based access, real-time security monitoring and strong password policies.

Compliance built in

Compliance Guard™, our proprietary compliance monitoring and reporting tool, checks outbound communications for compliance with servicing regulations and borrower preferences, providing you with default rules that you can further configure. It will block any communication attempts that are in violation, provide legally required protections, proactively offer hardship solutions and receive automatically generated cases for review.

Omnichannel communications

Within the Peach CRM, you’ll find support for a wide variety of communications channels in both automated and manual fashion, including phone, email, SMS, two-way texting, chat and direct mail.

Peach also provides templated and configurable cases, workflows and communications, so you can streamline agent efficiency, enforce consistent application of your policies and ensure compliance with applicable laws.

Two-way SMS

Payment processing

Peach supports payments through the Borrower Portal, or you can post them via API. We support payments via the automated clearing house (ACH) system, debit cards and credit cards, in line with applicable laws and industry standards.

Credit card
Debit card

Built for security and compliance

Peach Finance is SOC 2 Type 2, SOC 1 Type 1, HIPAA and PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. We practice defense-in-depth security architecture and employ best-in-class practices and tools to maintain security on all levels.

SOC 1 type 1 compliant
SOC 2 type 2 compliant
PCI DSS Level 1 certification
HIPAA compliant

Service however you’d like

We’ll provide all necessary training, whether you keep loan servicing in-house or outsource it—or a combination of both.

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