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API-first software for personal loans

Offer secured or unsecured personal loans with Peach's modern loan management and servicing platform. Peach provides flexible lending constructs, support with compliance risk and fair lending regulations, and configurable hardship and loan modification capabilities.

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Supported personal loan constructs

Installment loans

Build an installment lending program—whether secured or unsecured—helping consumers power big purchases like education, furniture and home renovation.

Home improvement loans

Give homeowners the capital to make home improvements, including solar installation. Offer the flexibility of multiple advances or stage funding, either through our line of credit construct or through an installment loan with multiple disbursements.

Cash advances

Give workers access to capital before they get paid through a single-term loan. For borrowers who need more time to pay, cash advances can be converted into installment loans, with fully configurable interest and fees.

Private student loans

Give students financial flexibility as they take on their education. You can structure student loans as an installment-based refinance product, or as an installment loan with multiple disbursements. You’ll have the tools to defer interest accrual and defer payments as needed.

Retail installment contracts

Retail installment contracts or retail installment sales contracts (RISCs) give shoppers an easy way to finance big-ticket items—under a different regulatory framework than buy now, pay later. Our data model includes merchant ID and MDR accounting.

Auto and recreational loans

Give consumers a term loan to finance their car or equipment purchase. Our data model accounts for asset value, securitization, cure period, repossession and regulatory filings.

Harness the power of our Multi-Capture Installment Loan™ solution

Many merchants don’t process an entire transaction all at once—for example, when items ship separately or when a travel purchase includes multiple subvendors. A traditional installment loan can’t accommodate these frequent BNPL use cases, but our Multi-Capture Installment Loan can.

Easily accommodate multiple items
Give customers more flexibility in where to shop
Decide how additional items modify repayment terms

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Partnerships and integrations

We’ve partnered with many of the foremost technology, servicing and reporting companies to make it easier for you to launch and scale lending programs.

We partner with Visa to make it easy for issuers to launch new lending programs, whether for BNPL or another asset class.

Visa Fintech Partner Connect
Visa Ready for BNPL

We support lenders in developing buy now, pay later (BNPL) solutions leveraging the Mastercard Installments program.

Mastercard Engage Partner Network
Mastercard Installments

Lithic supports you with virtual, physical and digital wallet cards—whether prepaid, debit or credit cards.

Card issuance

Qolo gives you flexible, scalable debit, prepaid, and credit card solutions through direct access to major payment networks.

Loan origination

Marqeta allows you to instantly issue and process card payments with their open API platform.

Card issuance

Leverage Peach's omnichannel communications templates to optimize and streamline servicing.

Featured whitepaper

5 reasons lenders need adaptive infrastructure

Peach's Adaptive Core™ gives lenders a new paradigm in loan management, enabling them to continually test and iterate, even at scale, and to continually launch new lending programs with speed and flexibility.

Whitepaper5 reasons lenders need adaptive infrastructure

Built for security and compliance

Our loan management and loan servicing software is compliant with SOC 1 Type 1, SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, PCI DSS Level 1 and HIPAA. We practice defense-in-depth security architecture and employ best-in-class practices and tools to maintain security on all levels.

SOC 1 Type 1 compliant
SOC 1 Type 2 compliant
SOC 2 Type 2 compliant
PCI DSS Level 1 certification