Goodbye, legacy migrations. Hello, self‐service.

Welcome to the industry’s first Self-Service Portfolio Migration™ tool—included with Peach at no extra cost. Conduct your migration through the same APIs you’ll use to manage your Peach integration.

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A migration that’s in your control

Control your data

You’ll have real-time visibility into all of your data, including a complete history for every loan. Verify all configurations are working in sandbox before migrating your full portfolio.

Control your timeline

Loan Replay™ drastically reduces the volume of loan data to gather and migrate. Automate the API calls for migrating your portfolio, saving time and ensuring data integrity.

Control your costs

Self-Service Portfolio Migration is included at no extra cost. Instead of paying a third party, your team can simply leverage the same APIs they’ll use to board new loans to Peach.

Migrate in 6 steps


Configure your Peach integration

To prepare for boarding new loans to Peach’s system, we’ll work together to configure your Peach integration, matching your loan logic to the 250+ configuration variables of our Adaptive Core™.


Gather data from your old system

Gather borrower information, loan terms and basic loan events like payments, fees and credits. No need to pull historical daily interest accrual or interest/principal splits for payments. Use Peach’s API calls to send the data you’ve gathered to your Peach sandbox.


Test loans in sandbox

Based on the data you’ve written to sandbox, our Loan Replay™ technology will systematically re-accrue interest and recreate the full history for each loan. Verify that your configurations are correct and interest is accruing as intended.


Migrate to production

Once you’ve verified that everything’s working correctly, you can begin migrating your portfolio to Peach. This process is fully automatable, and can be done in any sequence you like.


Reconcile interest accrued

Every system accrues interest a little differently, even after correctly configuring your interest accrual methodology, so there may be small discrepancies between the interest accrued in Peach and in your old system. If this is the case, you can enforce an interest cap for each loan to ensure consistency with agreed-upon loan terms. You can also programmatically apply fees or credits to reconcile balances.


Migrate servicing cases

If you have operations cases from your existing CRM that you’d like to migrate to Peach, you can do this via API in the same way as migrating your loan data. You can also migrate all past borrower interactions, so that Compliance Guard™ can help you stay compliant for overdue and charged-off loans.

Loan Replay™ streamlines migration

Portfolio conversions typically require lenders to migrate a vast amount of data using manual or file-based methods. It’s an expensive and lengthy process that often leads to unreliable or incomplete data in your new system.

Our approach is fundamentally different. With Peach, each loan is replayed to accrue daily interest, calculate interest/principal splits and determine loan status. This drastically reduces the amount of data you need to provide and gives you access to the full loan history in our system. When it comes to the migration itself, our API-based architecture enables it to be quick and automated.

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Blog postPeach to offer first-of-its-kind Self-Service Portfolio Migration™ — at no cost