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Mission Lane Selects Peach to Power Inclusive Lending Products

May 16, 2022
A new partnership was announced between Peach and Mission Lane

We’re proud to officially announce our partnership with Mission Lane, helping power their Credit Builder Account—a new credit builder loan product aimed at setting consumers on the path to establishing strong credit.

Purpose-driven companies like Mission Lane that are pushing the boundaries of innovation in lending are helping create a better world for everyone. Learn more about the partnership in our press release.

An excerpt from the press release

OAKLAND, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Peach Finance, a modern and configurable lending technology platform that helps lenders efficiently launch, grow and scale new lending products, today announced a partnership with Mission Lane, a purpose-driven financial technology company that provides better products and experiences for people trying to build or rebuild their credit and improve their financial lives.

The partnership is designed to power Mission Lane’s Credit Builder Account, a new credit builder loan product aimed at setting consumers on the path to establishing strong credit. As borrowers pay off the loan that is deposited into a secured savings account, they can build positive credit history while adding to their savings.

For decades, inflexible lending technology has slowed the pace of innovation within financial services, leading to limited choices for borrowers. Peach’s novel lending technology platform upends this construct by making it possible for every lender to be an innovator—from enterprise financial institutions to fintech startups. Peach will provide Mission Lane with a loan management system, a fully integrated suite of servicing tools and a compliance monitoring system, Compliance Guard™. Through Peach’s flexible infrastructure, Mission Lane will be able to quickly launch and scale the Credit Builder Account and future new lending products.

“At Mission Lane, we’re focused on serving consumers who don’t have ready access to quality financial products from traditional financial institutions,” said Mission Lane CEO Shane Holdaway. “We have an extensive roadmap of innovative products to support these consumers, which means that the robustness and dependability of our lending infrastructure is critical to our long-term success.”

According to Holdaway, innovative products like those offered by Mission Lane require a software platform that’s flexible and modern enough to support novel constructs and configurations.

“Legacy technology solutions were built for yesterday’s lending programs, and aren’t designed to serve all types of consumers. As we launch innovative products like the Credit Builder Account, our partnership with Peach will help us continue to build on an all-in-one platform that can support modern and innovative approaches to lending, and can scale with us.”

Eddie Oistacher, Co-Founder and CEO of Peach, added: “Mission Lane is a sophisticated lender doing innovative and important work to expand financial access for underserved consumers. They have quickly grown their credit card product to enterprise scale, and we’re excited to partner with them as they scale additional lending products in support of their mission.”

Peach is designed to be the first lending technology platform that is both compliance-first and fully configurable. The platform is…(continue to Business Wire)

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