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Peach wins 2023 Banking Tech Award

June 6, 2023
Peach wins 2023 Banking Tech Award

Peach has received the 2023 Banking Tech Award for LendTech of the Future. We’re grateful to be recognized alongside many of today's foremost innovators in banking and fintech.

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Other recent awards received by Peach include the 2023 FinTech Breakthrough Award for Banking-as-a-Service Innovation, as well as the 2022 Future Digital Award for Banking-as-a-Service Innovation.

Historically, innovation in lending has occurred slowly because of outdated technology. Banks often require years to launch new products like BNPL, and fintechs who want modern lending software must build it in-house, leading to inflexible, purpose-built systems that limit scalability and adaptability.

Peach was founded to solve these problems—to revolutionize lenders’ ability to innovate and to quickly launch new lending products. Our API-first lending technology platform gives lenders an extremely high degree of flexibility and configurability, enabling them to offer virtually any type of loan—from BNPL to credit cards to merchant cash advances—and to configure their lending programs in unique and innovative ways. Our Adaptive Core™ gives lenders more than 250 configuration variables to define loan product behavior, and features industry-first capabilities like Loan Replay™ and Self-Service Portfolio Migration™.

For financial institutions, Peach lowers the technological barrier to modernization, so banks and credit unions can finally innovate with greater speed and agility. For fintechs, Peach lowers the technological barrier to launching novel lending products, enabling more innovative ideas to come to market. 

Our mission is to improve lives by giving every lender the power to innovate.


To learn more about Peach, visit our homepage or check out the Fintech One-on-One podcast featuring our CEO, Eddie Oistacher.

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